Travel Plan evolution

It’s Tuesday in the Dinner Key mooring field.  Having aborted our coastal departure on Sunday, we’ve been here since.  Based on the Sunday afternoon NOAA forecasts, leaving Wednesday was to be with 2 ft seas and straight forward.  But, now that has seriously changed upward. Regarding departure- there’s this holding tank thing.  It’s now been eight days since our Key …

Alex RookerTravel Plan evolution

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Diann and I had enjoyed Coconut Grove in south Miami.  And, we wanted to remain in Florida for a tad longer.  But, we didn’t really want to add the extra 3 or 4 days necessary to visit Key West- because once there we would have to return.  So, we decided to go off shore to Key Largo- a one day …

Alex RookerJohn Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Key Largo- Lazy Lobster

Diann and I were ready for a special keys seafood dinner.  Thankfully Lazy Lobster is across from the entrance to John Pennekamp State Park.  The walk from the marina was short. We planned our visit on two aspects- be finished with the meal before sunset due to heavy Hwy 1 traffic which had to be crossed, on foot, without a …

Alex RookerKey Largo- Lazy Lobster

Offshore Experience with wave height

Our Gemini catamaran, YachtaFun, can handle seas that have waves of over five feet- if the period between waves is long.  But, the wave periods on our most recent two outings (from crest to crest) seemed to have been in the three second to 4 second interval.  Small waves aren’t too bad.  You get a bit of bounce, like choppy …

Alex RookerOffshore Experience with wave height

Boat Business Activity Log- Amazon

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Alex RookerBoat Business Activity Log- Amazon

Sea School Newsletter Book Review

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Alex RookerSea School Newsletter Book Review

Miami at Dinner Key Mooring

Well, the condensation issue ended as we traveled south to Miami. We enjoyed a rocket launch at Titusville, and a few days at Ft. Lauderdale. We motor sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami- nice, since we skipped multiple bridges as a result. We made Dinner Key Mooring Field on February 28th.  After getting tied up we ventured to a late …

Alex RookerMiami at Dinner Key Mooring

Boat Condensation

our breath ends up as condensation during the night

Alex RookerBoat Condensation

Emergency Toilet for boats and RVs

Our Gemini catamaran, Yachta Fun, has a holding tank of 22 usable gallons.  When there’s four gallons of reserve, a red light comes on the flush panel of our Raritan Elegance toilet.  Once the tank’s full, fluid will get squirted out the 1” air-vent tube on the port side hull.  Squirting brown water- not good! When at Green Cove Springs, …

Alex RookerEmergency Toilet for boats and RVs

St Augustine Distillery

With our catamaran, Yachta Fun, moored in St Augustine we have a lot of opportunities to be a tourist while awaiting radar installation.  One of those “must see” tourist spots is the St Augustine Distillery. To paraphrase / borrow some of their web site’s information-    they create super premium, small batch spirits.  They use locally grown sugar cane, wheat, corn, and …

Alex RookerSt Augustine Distillery