Emergency Toilet for boats and RVs

Our Gemini catamaran, Yachta Fun, has a holding tank of 22 usable gallons.  When there’s four gallons of reserve, a red light comes on the flush panel of our Raritan Elegance toilet.  Once the tank’s full, fluid will get squirted out the 1” air-vent tube on the port side hull.  Squirting brown water- not good!

When at Green Cove Springs, Diann and I decided we needed an emergency backup plan if our need to pump out didn’t match up with the schedule of the pump-out contractor and the availability of the marina’s bulkhead for tie up.

The yellow jug was an empty laundry soap container which is ideal for storing the litter to keep it dry.

Our solution was to buy a bag of kitty litter to use in our five gallon multi-use bucket.  If you line the bucket with a plastic trash bag and add as much kiity litter as needed to absorb the liquid- you have a decent solution to a major problem.

Granted, that’s not the preferred method of relieving oneself.  But in a critical need- cheap clay kitty litter works well.  Someone will probably protest that poop tied up in a trash bag isn’t eco friendly.  To that, I’ll ask that person for a better solution given an emergency situation.

Thankfully, our holding tank didn’t top out.  We made it to St. Augustine Municipal Marina.  We were able to add fuel and water, and pump out before heading to our assigned (and numbered) mooring ball.




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