New Bern Bears July 2017

Gosh what a pretty day. Temperatures will range from the mid 70s to low 80s. The sky is blue with big puffy clouds. Living on a Gemini catamaran sail boat is fine today! After coffee, I became inspired to work on Zoey’s upcoming book about New Bern’s Bears. Since our own grandkids enjoyed the bear hunt last summer (yes we …

Alex RookerNew Bern Bears July 2017

Westerbeke JS Transmission Rear Seal

Our Gemini catamaran has the Westerbeke engine with “JS” transmission. There’d been a bit of oil in the bilge mixed with pink Rotella antifreeze. The antifreeze ooze source was discovered last fall by using a pump with gauge so it could safely be pressurized. Solving the antifreeze leak was a matter of tightening a hose clamp. Confirming the transmission oil …

Alex RookerWesterbeke JS Transmission Rear Seal

Cypress Sunset off the Trent River

If you have a mast height of less than 42 feet and draw less than seven feet, you too can try to be in the right place at the right time to get similar images taken on Brice Creek near New Bern NC. Hot dig-gidy dig! Daytime on Brice Creek. This sunset was so good, I actually turned the tour …

Alex RookerCypress Sunset off the Trent River

Osprey on the Trent River

As one of the Captains driving “Cruise the Neuse” pontoon tour boat, I get to show passengers some pretty neat stuff. Osprey chicks have pretty much flown their nests now. Following are some images taken in June. New Bern NC is home to a large nesting population of Osprey. Usually, channel markers on the Trent River are especially good habitats …

Alex RookerOsprey on the Trent River

The Chelsea Restaurant in New Bern NC

Tour passengers on “Cruise the Neuse” had been remarking on how much value they felt The Chelsea Restaurant offers. It had been a long time since Diann and I had dined there. And, that dining experience had been as part of a Hatteras motor yacht “1510 Rendezvous” dinner. The food had been good, but the banquet experience hadn’t been special. …

Alex RookerThe Chelsea Restaurant in New Bern NC

Morgan’s Restaurant New Bern NC

July 2017 Passengers on “Cruise the Neuse” and on our own tour boat “YachtAFun” routinely ask about local restaurant fare.  In order to accurately answer them, Diann and I have to sample the offerings. We recently ended up for lunch at one of our favorites New Bern NC restaurants.  Morgan’s is in a former automobile sales and repair facility dating …

Alex RookerMorgan’s Restaurant New Bern NC

Electric Lineman’s Rodeo

Today exemplifies one of the reasons Diann and I enjoy cruising on our Gemini catamaran. We remain “cruising in place” in New Bern, NC. Today’s main event for the town’s support of conventions and tourism- the North Carolina Association of Municipal Electric Systems Lineman’s Rodeo Two weeks ago, multiple electric power poles were planted in the ground of the vacant …

Alex RookerElectric Lineman’s Rodeo

Osprey and Chicks near Yacht A Fun

Being on your boat full time offers some great nature viewing opportunities. Here on Yacht a Fun, our Gemini catamaran, we have Osprey nests near. So I took my bike up onto the Hwy 70bridge over Trent River and took images of a nest. How cool. Living on a boat………………… The story / blog of Yacht A Fun, a Gemini …

Alex RookerOsprey and Chicks near Yacht A Fun

Sunset Moon

A full moon with the color of sunset cast upon its face.   Boats with moon light reflected between them. The location is New Bern Grand Marina off the ICW near Oriental. The story / blog of Yacht A Fun, a Gemini catamaran sailboat, traveling the ICW and east coast with insights to the extended cruising life. Sunset moon

Alex RookerSunset Moon

Home made Soft Scrub™

Cleaning the gel coat of a Gemini sailing catamaran isn’t too tough a job. It’s just labor intensive.     Particularly intensive if you have a bit of algae forming in shady areas of the hull.    Admittedly, it’s time for a repeat cleaning on Yacht A Fun. Soft Scrub™ has been my preference for removing deeply adhered areas within …

Alex RookerHome made Soft Scrub™