Miami at Dinner Key Mooring

Well, the condensation issue ended as we traveled south to Miami. We enjoyed a rocket launch at Titusville, and a few days at Ft. Lauderdale. We motor sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami- nice, since we skipped multiple bridges as a result. We made Dinner Key Mooring Field on February 28th.  After getting tied up we ventured to a late …

Alex RookerMiami at Dinner Key Mooring

Boat Condensation

our breath ends up as condensation during the night

Alex RookerBoat Condensation

Emergency Toilet for boats and RVs

Our Gemini catamaran, Yachta Fun, has a holding tank of 22 usable gallons.  When there’s four gallons of reserve, a red light comes on the flush panel of our Raritan Elegance toilet.  Once the tank’s full, fluid will get squirted out the 1” air-vent tube on the port side hull.  Squirting brown water- not good! When at Green Cove Springs, …

Alex RookerEmergency Toilet for boats and RVs

St Augustine Distillery

With our catamaran, Yachta Fun, moored in St Augustine we have a lot of opportunities to be a tourist while awaiting radar installation.  One of those “must see” tourist spots is the St Augustine Distillery. To paraphrase / borrow some of their web site’s information-    they create super premium, small batch spirits.  They use locally grown sugar cane, wheat, corn, and …

Alex RookerSt Augustine Distillery

St Augustine January 2019

This is the third time Yacht A Fun has moored in the Municipal Marina Mooring Field.  The last time was in 2015 when our steering had failed.  This time has, so far, been way more fun.  We are here, however, because we decided to not have the radar dome installed at Green Cove Springs.  As of this writing, we are …

Alex RookerSt Augustine January 2019

Green Cove Springs Marina

While out on the St. John’s River, I called the marina office to ask for confirmation of a mooring ball. The answer was basically, “just pick one without a boat on it.” The balls aren’t numbered. I laughed and told Diann I hoped no one had left for a pump-out. It wouldn’t go over well if another boater came back …

Alex RookerGreen Cove Springs Marina

Green Cove Springs, FL

Back in October, Diann and I acquired new electronics for our Gemini catamaran, YachtaFun.  Time and weather caught us a bit and so the radar dome was not installed before we left New Bern, NC.  Based on information from friends who run Hurricane Jack’s we decided to go to Green Cove Springs, FL before our primary destination of St. Augustine. …

Alex RookerGreen Cove Springs, FL

Zoey the Girl Dog

Those who have followed Zoey during her trips on YachtaFun know she travels well. She’s “carpet trained” and so can stay at anchor for days without having to go to dry land. Perhaps you are aware of her book on Amazon which is titled “Zoey’s Big Boat Trip. Here’s a few images taken while we traveled from New Bern to …

Alex RookerZoey the Girl Dog

Beaufort, SC for two days

Wednesday Dec 5th we arrived in Beaufort, SC.  Since we stayed on a mooring ball, we were able to test the dinghy for the first time since the carburetor overhaul.  It started on first crank. We made three trips back to the docks that day.  First we took Zoey for a walk.  Then we went to the showers.  And on …

Alex RookerBeaufort, SC for two days

On to Charleston SC

We left Wrightsville Beach and went to Deep Point Marina in Southport.  Friends Dick and Nancy are live aboards there.  Dick was gracious enough to loan us his SUV for a grocery, fuel, and propane run.  On Tuesday we headed to Myrtle Beach. Calabash, SC is known primarily for its sea food restaurants. Boaters know calabash Creek as a good …

Alex RookerOn to Charleston SC