Sunset Moon

A full moon with the color of sunset cast upon its face.   Boats with moon light reflected between them. The location is New Bern Grand Marina off the ICW near Oriental. The story / blog of Yacht A Fun, a Gemini catamaran sailboat, traveling the ICW and east coast with insights to the extended cruising life. Sunset moon

Alex RookerSunset Moon

Home made Soft Scrub™

Cleaning the gel coat of a Gemini sailing catamaran isn’t too tough a job. It’s just labor intensive.     Particularly intensive if you have a bit of algae forming in shady areas of the hull.    Admittedly, it’s time for a repeat cleaning on Yacht A Fun. Soft Scrub™ has been my preference for removing deeply adhered areas within …

Alex RookerHome made Soft Scrub™

M J’s Special of the Day

Cruisers typically look for restaurant venues which are special because of their menu, their view, and/or the “local flavor”. In New Bern, NC one of boater’s favorite locations is M J’s  Raw Bar & Grille on Middle Street. The location is about three football fields (316 yards) away from the New Bern Grand Marina. A typical wait during peak time …

Alex RookerM J’s Special of the Day

Baker’s Kitchen- Men’s Breakfast

About three months ago, the women living at New Bern Grand Marina (and some who now are living off their boats) decided to gather on Thursday mornings for breakfast. Their conversations stay fresh by being open and range from boating topics to family ones. Each Thursday the attendees sit next to someone other than during the previous week. The breakfasts …

Alex RookerBaker’s Kitchen- Men’s Breakfast

Spring Wildlife at the Marina

This morning I walked the finger, next to Yacht a Fun our Gemini catamaran, and was greeted by this tiny baby turtle. Later in the afternoon I walked along A-Dock to visit friends who plan a European trip. With me I carried a 2002 copy of a Cruising World article I had scanned yesterday. And, low and behold, I was …

Alex RookerSpring Wildlife at the Marina

Scanning To Save Space

Go back a few years. As in 1999! In preparation for working at the coast and enjoying all that cruising has to offer- I cut out pages… upon pages… of articles which could create a resource for our effort. Cut from magazines, and put in a huge zip bag, I planned to scan them. Last month I pulled the article …

Alex RookerScanning To Save Space

Left Over Pork- more cooking on YachtaFun

Eating at restaurants may be the mainstay for some boaters. However, most folks we’ve met (regardless of boat size) seem to dine on board at their own table. Diann and I had grilled a pork loin a couple of nights back. My idea for use of the remainder was to add butter and curry to a covered sauce pan. By …

Alex RookerLeft Over Pork- more cooking on YachtaFun

Merchant’s Grocery and Grill New Bern, NC

If you want to take a small-boat trip to a neat local’s breakfast and lunch spot, consider Merchant’s Grocery and Grill which was founded in 1978. Going by dingy is a short ride.    It’s near Croatan National Forest. Three and a half miles from the New Bern Grand Marina, the grocery and grill is just passed the small Brice …

Alex RookerMerchant’s Grocery and Grill New Bern, NC

New Bern NC Boat Life

Early Tuesday evening is an excuse for New Bern Grand Marina residents, and friends of residents who now live on land, to gather for Taco-Tuesday.    The current venue is “Prohibitions”   where three tacos are just $5 on Tuesday nights.   Draft domestics are $3.   The prices are a value.   Thirty four folks showed up this week. The …

Alex RookerNew Bern NC Boat Life

RV Trip

There’s a need to be with family, that sometimes transcends developing one’s boat life. The season for working as a contract boat captain was awaiting spring. So, I volunteered to help my Mom and Jack take his 5th wheel RV to Savannah, St. Augustine, and Birmingham. The trip was a hoot for the three of us. One of the ways …

Alex RookerRV Trip