Miami at Dinner Key Mooring

Well, the condensation issue ended as we traveled south to Miami.

We enjoyed a rocket launch at Titusville, and a few days at Ft. Lauderdale.

We motor sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami- nice, since we skipped multiple bridges as a result.

We made Dinner Key Mooring Field on February 28th.  After getting tied up we ventured to a late lunch at Greenstreet Café.  It felt good to be back to “the Grove”.

The Municipal Marina’s dinghy dock has been replaced.

Due to the long fetch of Biscayne Bay, the mooring field is almost always lumpy.  And so, Yacht A Fun tugs on the mooring lines as the swells roll though.  Larger waves pound under the boat’s bridge deck.  The result is a booming sound.  The impact can be hard enough to jar the floor under the table.  Not quite humorous, the laptop then jumps up to trigger a key under your finger- not necessarily when you want a key press!


A local yacht club seems to have daily races and so their boats pass through the mooring field.


Evening lights are special.  The lumpy jerk of the catamaran hull, not so much.


Cats can be like squirrels regarding wave related response motion.  Monohulls don’t have bridge deck slap and seem to have a smoother response to the mooring fields lumpiness.

We had come back to Miami to see last weekend’s Carnival and this weekend’s Music Festival,  Calle Ocho (8th Street).  After the festival, we’ll contemplate where next to go.  A smother anchorage will be a priority.

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