Dungeness at Cumberland Island

Thomas Carnegie was Andrew’s younger brother.  Thomas did a fine job of financial management of their steel empire.  Thomas died at age 43.  His wife, Lucy, was a sharp business woman and added wealth to her family’s holdings.  She died in 1916.  The house was all but abandoned in 1925 and burned in 1959.  What a place the property had been from 1885.  Reading of Thomas Carnegie and of Dungeness is worthwhile during the enjoyment of a favorite beverage.

Gnarly bark lumps caught our attention just before entering the home’s main gate.

As seen from the front of the house


Image Credit

Main stairs and right side

View for rear of home. The farm sized garden and greenhouse are behind the photographer

Quality “yard art” – just imagine what the grounds looked like in 1890!

There are dozens of additional images which could have been taken for the blog: ice house; carriage house; captain’s quarters; etc.   I hope what has been presented creates an interest in Thomas Carnegie and Dungeness.

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