Boat Project- dinghy chap repair

Yesterday Diann spent the day with Sunbrella sewing projects- making new items; repairing older items; and shortening a cockpit gear bag.

Abrasion of fenders between dinghy and boat will, over time, wear the fabric.

This morning she is removing seam threads in preparation for replacing worn and torn fabric on the sides of our dinghy’s protective chaps.  UV radiation takes its toll on rubber.  The chaps reduce the rate of ultimate failure of the inflated tubes.

Since each chap has to be custom made, and it having taken over 40 hours in 2016- she is repairing the current chap.  The light gray “holes” are for oar-locks, handles, and such.  Sailrite video link



The story / blog of  senior citizens, Alex and Diann, on board Yacht A Fun, their Gemini catamaran sailboat.  They are traveling the ICW and east coast with insights to the extended cruising life.  They offer the book “Your Boat as a Business”  at         This post is about Florida weekend boat projects- dinghy chap repair.

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