Avoiding weekend boaters in Florida

Every waterway community has inexperienced and/or rude boat drivers.  “What’s a right of way”, they may ask.  Or they may say to friends on board, “big wakes give small boats a challenge- so let’s blast by ‘em.”   Florida has many people and many boats.  The amount of boat traffic is dense in areas such as Hollywood, Jupiter Inlet, Stuart, and on up the coast to Fernandina Beach.

Having rude boat drivers who seem unaware of the impact of their wakes becomes very frustrating.  Diann and I simply avoid taking YachtaFun onto the ICW on Florida weekends.

So this weekend we chose to remain anchored in Lake Sylvia.  Diann  is doing some fabric repairs; and new creations for solar protection.  One such task was replacing the solar cover for the Sonic Sillette drive leg gear bellows.  Ultraviolet radiation will speed the deterioration of the rubber bellows.  The bellows is filled with 90 weight drive leg gear oil.  Cracked bellows will leak.

We lost our 4 year old cover.

In addition to the Velcro, we attached a loop and cord for creating a half hitch backup tie.

New cover in place

Our boat’s projects are much more fun than rocking and rolling on the ICW!


The story / blog of  senior citizens, Alex and Diann, on board Yacht A Fun, their Gemini catamaran sailboat.  They are traveling the ICW and east coast with insights to the extended cruising life.  They offer the book “Your Boat as a Business”  at  www.Amazon.com/dp/1720656452         This post is about Florida weekend boat projects.

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