Boat Business Activity Log- Amazon

Record your business use of your boat to support your tax deductions. Available for just $14.95 at

Alex RookerBoat Business Activity Log- Amazon

Emergency Toilet for boats and RVs

Our Gemini catamaran, Yachta Fun, has a holding tank of 22 usable gallons.  When there’s four gallons of reserve, a red light comes on the flush panel of our Raritan Elegance toilet.  Once the tank’s full, fluid will get squirted out the 1” air-vent tube on the port side hull.  Squirting brown water- not good! When at Green Cove Springs, …

Alex RookerEmergency Toilet for boats and RVs

Green Cove Springs Marina

While out on the St. John’s River, I called the marina office to ask for confirmation of a mooring ball. The answer was basically, “just pick one without a boat on it.” The balls aren’t numbered. I laughed and told Diann I hoped no one had left for a pump-out. It wouldn’t go over well if another boater came back …

Alex RookerGreen Cove Springs Marina

Your Boat as a Business

Your Boat as a Business available at

Alex RookerYour Boat as a Business

New Ritchie BN 202 Compass

When Diann and I returned from Florida on our Gemini catamaran, Yacht A Fun, we were offshore overnight after leaving Fernandina Beach. The catamaran’s original compass was illuminated but was so small that we had to lean over to read the dial. Leaning over to read the dial meant that we weren’t as consistent with our course as we might …

Alex RookerNew Ritchie BN 202 Compass

Snap Screw hole epoxy

Sailrite snap screws work well for attaching canvas window covers. There can be a potential leak issue however. On our Gemini catamaran, Yacht a Fun, the snap screws were turned into existing screw holes. Initially, having caulk injected before snap screw insertion caused a decent retention and stability of the screws after the caulk had cured. Over time, however, wind …

Alex RookerSnap Screw hole epoxy

Marine Eye Splice- Yacht A Fun

My goals included being able to reach a level of proficiency for marine eye splice work that I could be confident of offering the service to others. Here on Yacht A Fun, our Gemini catamaran, the study and practice have paid off. Being one to add strength to a project vs. being cheap- I add tucks / turns to my …

Alex RookerMarine Eye Splice- Yacht A Fun

Mon Alterations in New Bern NC

The Yacht A Fun blog post concerning having a mouse on board  didn’t include a photo of my pair of Gill offshore gloves.   The mouse however had chewed the cuff of one of the gloves.  It was either toss the pair or hope for a  skilled sewing person do a  “REpair”. Fortunately I met the owner of Mon …

Alex RookerMon Alterations in New Bern NC

Tamarind Soup on our Gemini Catamaran

With the coming ice pellets and snow forecast for winter storm Helena, I became inspired to cook a Tamarind soup.  Diann and I had been to a new Asian food store in New Bern while off of our catamaran Yacht A Fun. Actually I was browsing for curry powder when I came upon packets of Knorr brand soup mix.  Canadian …

Alex RookerTamarind Soup on our Gemini Catamaran

Mr. Heater ™ BIG Buddy on our sailboat YachtAFun

Last winter, in Southport NC, the temperatures got down to 19 degrees at night.  One of Diann’s friends told her of the Buddy Heater which runs on propane. Yacht A Fun, our Gemini catamaran sailboat will be in New Bern NC for the winter of 2016.  We bought a “BIG Buddy”.  The darned thing does such a good job on …

Alex RookerMr. Heater ™ BIG Buddy on our sailboat YachtAFun