An Oriental Saturday- Oct 4th 2014

Having worked all week on our Gemini sailing catamaran here in Oriental, NC , I was ready for a more leisurely pace for Saturday. Diann and I awoke around eight and after making coffee decided to go to the Farmer’s Market at Town Dock. Produce is out of season, but honey is available from Patrick Del Reo of Pamlico Bee …

Alex RookerAn Oriental Saturday- Oct 4th 2014

Wednesday Meat Loaf at M&M’s Oct 1st 2014

It was Wednesday evenning and I was too tired to cook and clean up.  Diann was out of town and it was $1.50 Killian’s night at M&M’s. The decision was done.  One of the other patrons, at the bar, ordered this wonderful combination.    I joined him.  For $12.95 it was a lot of food.

Alex RookerWednesday Meat Loaf at M&M’s Oct 1st 2014

A Change of Pace- Oct 2nd 2014

This week has been one of frustration and successful activity. Our boat yard took the replacement of the holding tank seriously and so set about trying to find one which would match the 13” by 13” by 24” size that had maxed out the existing cavity. Ooops, no one makes that size anymore. So the bad news from Deaton’s on …

Alex RookerA Change of Pace- Oct 2nd 2014

Tasks This Week- Sept 25, 2014

(There’s a WordPress glitch on paragraph spacing on this post.  To see all the material, you’ll have to scroll beyond the typical amount.  I’ll try to correct the issue if I can.) After a week of business in Hickory, we returned on Monday to our Gemini catamaran Yacht A Fun in Oriental, NC.    Monday afternoon was pretty much just getting …

Alex RookerTasks This Week- Sept 25, 2014

Open Mike Night at The Silos Restaurant- Oriental NC

Wednesday nights the Silos Restaurant and Bar, in oriental NC hosts “open mike” until about 9PM.Music varies by who shows up.  This week a group with drums, guitar, and sax showed up.  Last week was a Ukulele ensemble. This kind of evening diversion is great for us as we prepare our Gemini catamaran Yacht A Fun for departure to CoCoNut Grove, Florida. …

Alex RookerOpen Mike Night at The Silos Restaurant- Oriental NC

Written Oct 27th 2012

I referred to her this morning as “baby girl”. Our white Pomeranian, Dottie, is aged 12 and suffering from seizures. I held her this morning as she had a particularly long experience. To say I was conflicted is an understatement. Being there to comfort her was a heart warming experience. Knowing that she will miss our transition to the boat …

Alex RookerWritten Oct 27th 2012

Written Oct 14th 2012

Diann and I packed dishes, pots, and pans today. It was easy to let go of nondescript tall tumblers. We hung onto more wine glasses than we’ll ever need on the boat. Ah, the transition to the temporary rental house! When we leave there, all the extra glasses will go to storage. We did yield the presser cooker and a …

Alex RookerWritten Oct 14th 2012

Written Sept 30th 2012

Clothing sort and prioritization as we downsize to a smaller residence before it’s boat time. Taking down the yacht club Fleet Committee caps wasn’t traumatic. It was kinda cool in the sense that they packed well in the same small box as the PYC Burgees. They’ll make good décor in the house we return to- and will make good heirlooms …

Alex RookerWritten Sept 30th 2012

Shake and Squat Sunday Sept 14th

Before departing Hickory on Friday August 30th, I had taken my Jeep Wrangler to a local auto garage for a thorough review. After our Miami arrival, in November, we’ll take the Jeep from Oriental , to Coconut Grove Florida, all 883 miles worth! It needed to be in sound condition. The alignment was reported to be out and a part …

Alex RookerShake and Squat Sunday Sept 14th

Jobs today- from the Top to the Tank- Sept 12th

Word was that we’d have rain today. Diann and I ignored the forecast and worked until the rains came. Diann’s first task was to paint the Bomar decorative hatch rims, which she had scrubbed yesterday.                 Afterward lunch she moved to the master bedroom and painted the inside of what we call the …

Alex RookerJobs today- from the Top to the Tank- Sept 12th