Two days on the hard- Oct 25, 2014

Thursday, about six o’clock, I headed to the grocery store to pick up dinner. As I turned the street corner, at part of Deaton Marine that’s sarcastically called “the garden”, Jerry waived me to come by.     Jerry and Joanie are refurbishing a custom steel hulled boat on which they have cruised the world for ten years. That boat …

Alex RookerTwo days on the hard- Oct 25, 2014

The Front Yard, on the hard Oct 19th 2014

Here’s what the front yard has looked like as we have sat on our Gemini sailing catamaran while “on the hard” getting work done. We have canvas chairs and can sit on our front deck area. This view was taken as I rested near sun down. Today was another productive one. I started out by putting inserts into the bow …

Alex RookerThe Front Yard, on the hard Oct 19th 2014

Our Meals On Board- October 2014

On Yacht A Fun, we eat foods which Diann, and I, find healthy and appealing. The variety is no different from our home in Hickory, NC. EXCEPT- the seafood is fresh off the boat! We eat a fair amount of lintels, barley, couscous, and other grains, along with black beans, and fresh vegetables. I bake a pretty good yeast-bread. But …

Alex RookerOur Meals On Board- October 2014

RAIN today….Wednesday Oct 15th 2014

We couldn’t have left today, even if we had been on schedule with our maintenance list.

Alex RookerRAIN today….Wednesday Oct 15th 2014

Nels Sports Bar & Grill

Saturday had been a good work day and it was lunch time. We were low on essentials for making sandwiches and so chose to check out Nels Sports bar and Grill in Oriental, NC.   The place is a longish walk from Town Dock, but worth it. Of note are the Specials for each day. We haven’t yet tried the $1 …

Alex RookerNels Sports Bar & Grill

Multi Day Summary Oct 14th 2014

Back last week, I had a sinus issue which seemed to have cleared out- and then got worse just to keep me humble. Diann picked it up, too. It’s a cold that has been working its way thru the boat yard community here at Deaton’s Marine in Oriental NC. Having a business that is based on a Gemini catamaran sailboat, …

Alex RookerMulti Day Summary Oct 14th 2014

Zoey and The Window Oct 9th 2014

Zoey, our four year old Pomeranian, bounds from the saloon seating, through the ventilation windows, to get on our queen sized bead. Tonight she peeped back at us as Diann and I were eating dinner. My first photo, taken through the port window caused Zoey to move to the starboard window. She knew I was about to “flash her” again …

Alex RookerZoey and The Window Oct 9th 2014

October 7th 2014

What a great day. The weather was cooperating with zero rain and the temps were in the mid 70s. Diann, ever ready to have clean cupboards spent her working time with more painting. Having glued cardboard mock-up part # 3 yesterday afternoon, I was ready to see if it fit as planned. And, yes it did. Part 3 is the …

Alex RookerOctober 7th 2014

Propane, Just In Time Monday Oct 6th 2014

Our sailing catamaran, Yacht A Fun, was built for horizontal propane tank installation. The previous owner had Blue Rhino styled vertical tanks, which didn’t allow the propane locker hatch to properly close. To anchor down our tanks, I fabricated a mounting board from 1/2″ plywood and used stainless steel bolts to fit the tanks’ mounting bracket positions. Now with gas …

Alex RookerPropane, Just In Time Monday Oct 6th 2014

Dragon Boat on display Sat Oct 4th 2014

Too busy with boat work to attend the 2014 Dragon Boat Race in Oriental this August, Diann and I had no sense of what the boats were. The staff at Bank’s Sails had told us of the event, but we simple had to do boat chores on our Gemini catamaran. While walking at the Farmer’s Market this past Saturday we …

Alex RookerDragon Boat on display Sat Oct 4th 2014