The Front Yard, on the hard Oct 19th 2014

Here’s what the front yard has looked like as we have sat on our Gemini sailing catamaran while “on the hard” getting work done.

Yacht A Fun on the hard in Oriental NC

Yacht A Fun on the hard in Oriental NC

We have canvas chairs and can sit on our front deck area. This view was taken as I rested near sun down.

Today was another productive one. I started out by putting inserts into the bow rub rail to replace material which had popped out of track due to having shrunk for 17 years. It’s a typical boat issue. Rub rail vinyl shrinks and seams open until additional material is cut and spliced in. We had similar maintenance with our Catalina 30 on Lake Norman.

Next I fabricated a deck protection apron from the bow roller to the anchor locker. The material is black rubber roofing. Thanks Tim ( from Hickory Roofing). It works well.

Then I confirmed measurements for the “water dam” we’ll tab in for the new holding tank as it extends into the bow sail locker. My cut material may end up being patterns for marine grade plywood to be installed by Deaton. By doing the measuring and pattern cuts, though, it should speed their process.

Then there was debris to dispose of as we are to be put back in the water Monday.  The underside of the boat had been cleaned and painted at the end of the week.

The Geminni catamaran "garage" without the Neuse River stain

The Geminni catamaran “garage” without the Neuse River stain

Finally I painted some materials Diann and I will use to fabricate a bed extension for the saloon settee.

My shower, beer, and sunset were well received!


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