Moore St Market- Sept 15th 2015

WiFi is important for those traveling by boat. Being able to get online when off of our Gemini sailing catamaran is a basic necessity- especially when Diann needs the saloon table for a sewing project.

So, today I ventured into Southport NC to get parts at NAPA Auto Parts and Lowes Hardware as well as spend time at a wifi location. Having had coffee and bagels at Moore Street Market, I felt that could be a really nice place to also do some work.

Moore Street Market has porch, garden, and interior seating

Moore Street Market has porch, garden, and interior seating

When I called to verify they had WiFi I was told yes, but only for customers. A customer I was to be and headed right there.

The egg salad and bacon sandwich was large. It was well made and toasted perfectly. Including tea and chips the cost was $6.99- a value.

I’ll visit Moore Street Market again for food, or a cold beer in their garden setting.

What I won’t do again is go there to use the wifi. Not only was the wifi service intermittent at best, two staff members, including the one with whom I’d had my phone call, simply brushed off the fact that the problem wasn’t unusual. Boat folks be aware……..

Good food, friendly staff, central Southport location- but my experience reflects pooooor WiFi.

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