Winterizing our diesel engine Dec 8th 2016

A couple of days back, Diann and I winterized our Westerbeke diesel engine and the Ocean Breeze a/c   cooling pump system.  Thankfully access, for those components, is fairly simple on Gemini 105 series catamarans.

The image shows three main components for the servicing.  #1 is the square rubber gasket with hole cut to fit the  #2 funnel so that the #3 RV antifreeze will remain in the Grocco strainer while being poured.

Bilge area under our starboard berth (pantry and tool room)

Bilge area under our starboard berth (pantry and tool room)

After I took the strainer lid off, and strainer basket out-    the gasket and funnel were placed on and into the strainer shell.  Diann cranked the engine and I immediately began pouring antifreeze.  In about ¾ gallon of antifreeze, she saw rich pink antifreeze pouring out of the exhaust.  The system is almost as simple as a dedicated hose and valve- with fewer connections and clamps.

For the a/c unit, we performed the same function but used a jumper wire to cause the a/c to come on line and be quickly shut down.

During the initial cold snap while still on Yacht A Fun, we energize the hot water heater vs. winterizing it.  The 8 gallon hwh is in too tight a spot for me to be able to drain it !   That means we’ll use almost that much antifreeze to be sure it doesn’t freeze when we are off the boat during hard winter days.  AND, once the hwh is full of antifreeze- it will be unused until spring.  Oh well, it’s a boat-  and a kettle of water works fine for doing dishes !



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