Tuesday September 2nd- Oriental Town Dock

Pulling the anchor at South River was about what I had imagined. Diann slowly motored as I pulled up the 5/8s inch nylon line to the point of the 20 feet of 3/8s chain. Then, I got most of the chain up by hand. Next I used a bowline tied into a link and used the mast winch to pull the chain up to the point the 35 pound Delta was hanging off the bow pulpit. Then, I used the spare halyard to aid in lifting the anchor up and over the pulpit’s pivot point. Mechanical advantage has its advantages for a 62 year old back!

Motoring out South River was our next accomplishment. By checking www.towndock.net I was able to see that the town dock was vacant. Howllllll-lee-looo-ya (the dog’s sing at Easter) a free place to tie up for the night.

Since the town dock is on the internet web cam, we would make history in how well we made our entry and tied up. Success- no shouts and no boat crunches, even though the wind was from behind the boat as we approached the concrete bulkhead.

Hot, damned hot. So we decided to take the Jeep to Bayboro to do laundry and enjoy the a/c. But the Jeep was at Deaton’s Marine. So……… I borrowed a bike from Inland Waterway Provisioning Company. (They loan bikes to boaters and rent them to folks who come by car).

Inland Waterway provisioning Company loaner bike

Inland Waterway provisioning Company loaner bike

I peddled to Deaton’s, tied the bike to the spare tire on the back of the Jeep. Deliver the bike to where it was loaned………..and we went to wash clothes.

That went well, but as we drove back we had steering gear issues and will have to have that repaired in two weeks when we return to Hickory. A disconcerting problem, but workable meanwhile.

Upon return to the boat we grilled hotdogs and slices of potato.  The sunset scenery was good.  It was a treat to be in the spot that I have looked at on my computer as a wake up image!

sharing the harbor with shrimp boats

sharing the harbor with shrimp boats



Bed was early.

Alex RookerTuesday September 2nd- Oriental Town Dock