Spring Wildlife at the Marina

This morning I walked the finger, next to Yacht a Fun our Gemini catamaran, and was greeted by this tiny baby turtle.

This little guy has an even smaller sibling. The perch is a small tree limb that’s floated down the Trent River

Later in the afternoon I walked along A-Dock to visit friends who plan a European trip. With me I carried a 2002 copy of a Cruising World article I had scanned yesterday. And, low and behold, I was greeted by baby ducks and their mother.

If I get the chance to capture an image of baby Osprey which will soon appear in nests on the Trent River I’ll add them to this post.

Living at the coast, on your boat, offers many benefits- including being greeted by miniature creatures. (Now biting summer flies, not so pleasant.)

Being able to slow ones pace to see those small creatures. That’s a healthy benefit of the boating lifestyle!

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