More Westerbeke effort

The day started well on our Gemini catamaran Yacht A Fun.  After the normal dog walk and coffee, I began what was to be the final details of engine work prior to having Patrick of Western Diesel return to our boat.

First, I used a small rag to wipe engine paint over the drain plug (call it a second coat) and the bottom of the oil pan since it had scraped a bit on the compartment lip as the engine was repositioned.

Things that got checked included:

The engine block drain plug- back in tight vs. finger tight;

Alignment of the raw water hose, fuel return hose, throttle and choke cables; and

Verified drive leg attachment bolts were in place and that two need nuts tightened.

Western Branch Diesel verified this coming Wednesday as the return visit. (If hurricane Jose doesn’t create issues.)  My plan was to add all the fluids.  The 30 weight transmission oil and 15/40 engine oil was simple to pour.  The coolant, not so much.

It seems that the wooden dowel plugs were longer than I should have crammed into the hot water heater hoses.  A heat gun softened the hoses.  One plug came out via vice grip pliers.  The other plug had to be exposed via cutting off ¾ inch of hose.  The screw that was to have been the “handle”, simply pulled out.  Not my finest hour!

Later, as I torqued the port side heater hose clamp, that perforated clamp split!   And that’s why I had bought all new coolant hose clamps except the ones for the water heater.  Those were only two years old !!!   Honestly, I’m in the future migrating all perforated clamps to the embossed versions.  They’re only about $1.50 more than the junk versions.

The bundle of hoses and wires need to be re-supported via wire ties and screws.  Making a mark on the white wire ties was a plus.  Drilling the holes revealed why I love having wooden wedges as part of the boat’s tool supply.

I have a bundle of Westerbeke 30b coolant hoses for sale if someone needs a less-than-new set.  New = $170 including tax and freight.  These are $70.


Once I had gotten to the point of no more viable engine work, I changed to working on Diann’s new light weight TV and drawer support board.  It’s hard Styrofoam which is being coated in drywall paste to smooth the surface.  It will then be painted with latex brown paint to match the wood work.

On another note, our new compass has been shipped.  More about the Ritchie compass when it arrives.  (Our original 20 year old compass simply gave up the ghost.  The globe cracked and fluid escaped.)  Having a larger compass will be a plus.  Not to mention having one which works.

Once the work is done, and the tourist season is over for New Bern- our plan is to head to St. Augustine.

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