What A Happy Day- August 15th 2015

Diann and I slept until darn close to 10AM. After coffee and cereal I was ready to do computer related work for a while. Diann was set up on the saloon table to sew a duffel bag as a prototype to offer for sale. So…….. I set up in the port berth. It was private for sure!

Port Berth "Office"

Port Berth “Office”

















My work ended and I became aware that dinner wa my choice.   Seafood.      Let’s have seafood from Clem’s !

For just over $18 I was able to get fresh “gigged” Sheep’s Head fish; a dozen medium Carolina Clams; and a half pound of Carolina Shrimp. The clams needed a rinse to get the remaining sand off. All Clad cookware is still our prime choice- it’s heavy duty and holds up well to cruising demands.

Washed on the dock

Washed on the dock



Tooo good.

Now this is dinner!

Now this is dinner!

And so much food that I saved the left over water / butter / wine steaming broth and made a fish stew for a following day’s lunch.  Extended cruising can be yours…………………………

Sheep's Head fish; clams; shrimp; butter; white wine

Sheep’s Head fish; clams; shrimp; butter; white wine

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