Half day grocery run- Dec 11th 2014

Today, Thursday, was taken up, in great measure, with taking a bus to a Super Walmart, shopping for: all kinds of food; an led light bulb; oil filters; engine oil; storage items; and a supply of paper goods.  And yes, garbage has to get off the boat..

Note the full trash bag, just part of the food exchange

Note the full trash bag, just part of the food exchange

Sunshine Bus Line is a story in and of itself. Rather than spout negativity, let me make the following recommendation for boaters needing to go shopping further than walking is practical. Take a cab! Yes the bus is cheap. Fifty Cents for a senior citizen to go wherever the bus goes. Diann and I paid a total of $1 to get to Walmart. We paid $10 to return. Trust me, the extra $9 was money well spent- and our feeling had nothing to do with the fellow passengers.

We bought so much stuff, it filled the dinghy’s floor space.

My purchase highlight is an LED 1600 lumen bulb that uses only 1.8 amps an hour to light up the whole cabin. We have an inverter, which makes using a regular table lamp practical. Darn its bright in here, as I write this entry!

GE LED bulb now allows us to use the catamaran's table lamp

GE LED bulb now allows us to use the catamaran’s table lamp

After storing the supplies I wanted to walk a bit. Diann didn’t want to venture out in the 55 degree temperature. Zoey got to be my companion for walking the historic streets of St. Augustine. She was particularly impressed by all the bushes and posts that other dogs had visited. She, too, marked her territory. She may be so “wrung out” that she won’t need to pee for a week (LoL).

We’ll slip the mooring in the morning and move on toward Coconut Grove- at about 35 miles a day.

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