Transition to Travel- Jazz Reflections Nov 2nd 2014

In October of 1982 I was 31 years old, successful with the operation a manufactured housing store owned by Oakwood Homes, and in need of a break from the grueling three months I’d done with the opening of its satellite store. A major break was needed.

So, I declared a private week off that included a trip to my first Annapolis Boat Show. The drive, from Hickory NC, that I chose was Virginia Hwy 58 east and then up the coast. It was wonderful. I played jazz as I drove. Sometimes with the windows down and a wool cap to keep my head warm.

The seafood and crab soup in Annapolis’s old town area were excellent- in part because of the ambiance of all the new boats on display.

My goal was set during that boat show- to own a sailboat and to eventually travel on board,

Fast forward to Sunday night ( Nov 2nd 2014) on board our Gemini catamaran “Yacht A Fun”…… chili simmered on the stove; Diann and I sipped a bottle of red wine; and George Benson played on Pandora. It had taken three decades, but the travel was about to begin.

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