Revisiting the Royal James grill

Beaufort, NC has such a wonderful variety of places to enjoy a beverage. You might want to consider the Royal James bar / grill / pool hall on your next visit. The establishment is in the same place as when started in 1945.

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Diann and I stop in regularly. Burgers are old style and pressed before cooking. The process is to use an ice-cream scoop to plop a glob of meat onto a press. By pressing the meat, the burgers are exactly the same thickness and size each time. It aids consistently cooking the burgers. $2 for a burger. NO UPCHARGE for cheese!

This is one of Beaufort’s long term “local’s hangout”. More elegant fare is available but a $2 order of fries and a pair of burgers is a value for two folks to share. The cold beer isn’t bad either.


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