Rainy Morning Sleep- Nov 3rd 2015

Tuesday November the 3rd I woke to heavy rain at around 7:15AM. Zoey the girl dog stepped onto my chest and licked my face. In dog talk, that mean’s “get up, I’ve got to pee”. So at 7:30 I got up and thankfully the rainfall had reduced to mist.

Zoey and I left our Gemini catamaran to walk the grassed area at the Deep Point Marina office yard. Returning to Yachtafun I had breakfast and made coffee. Then the rain picked up again.

Yes there was blog work to do, but it sure sounded like a good morning to lie in bed and listen to the rain. If I fell back asleep- so much the better!  From the Bald Head Island Ferry’s activity, our Gemini catamaran’s dock lines alternately snugged and released- kinda like being rocked in a giant cradle.

And so at 10:30AM I finished that cup of coffee.

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