Power Ball- Catamaran Fun

It was a cold and wintery shut in day- void of adventure.   So, here in Southport, NC on board our Gemini sailing catamaran I, too, got Power Ball fever.

Just how feverish was I? Well, I bought my first lottery ticket in at least three ( if not five ) years.

Power Ball winning numbers - NOT

Power Ball winning numbers – NOT

When the Power Ball dollar value hit 1.5 Billion it was time to play again if I ever would. And yes, my ticket met my expectations. Though I chuckled that I might win $4 on a single correct number, I wasn’t a bit surprised to find that my $3 ticket instead became part of the record level winning amount.

The overall experience was similar to back in July 1991 when I went to the opening night of “Terminator 2” in great part so that I could be a part of what was expected to be a record box office event.

The truth be known, I got more pleasure out of T-2 than I did the lead up to watching the Power Ball winning numbers pop up.

Finding adventure (vs. ordeal ), on a catamaran tied up to the dock during winter in coastal North Carolina, is an attitudinal process.  Part of our winter adventure process at the Deep Point Marina dock is to happily check the water faucets to see if the marina staff has turned the flow back on.

Yet, Spring is coming in eight weeks- and Yacht A Fun, being at Southport, NC, is a month’s travel time ahead of now warmer Snow Birds who will be headed our way in spring.  I’ll make “odds” that we will beat most of them to Oriental for a spring haul-out!  Wintering in Southport is like a winning Power Ball ticket- well…….almost.


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