Left Over Pork- more cooking on YachtaFun

Eating at restaurants may be the mainstay for some boaters. However, most folks we’ve met (regardless of boat size) seem to dine on board at their own table.

Diann and I had grilled a pork loin a couple of nights back. My idea for use of the remainder was to add butter and curry to a covered sauce pan. By cutting the chunks of pork to double bite size, the chunks could then be coated with the sauce as they heated. Using a water spray I was able to aid the cooking with a bit of resulting steam.

The field peas were enhanced by two cloves of garlic infused via olive oil.

Sliced apple chunks just seemed to top it off.

Not in the image is the small tub of yogurt which became desert. As you see, good food isn’t difficult on your boat.

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