Rum & Coke at Oriental, NC

During the evening of New Year’s Eve 2016, Diann and I left our Gemini catamaran and drove our Jeep to Oriental NC to participate in the annual running of the dragons. Between events (about 8:40PM to 11:20PM) we needed to enter somewhere warm.

My suggestion was to sample beverages at three restaurants vs. sitting in one place for over two hours. Diann enthused upon the idea.

Two places won top honors.

First Place for Ambiance was O Town Pub. Their rum and coke was rich flavored. The interior had a warmth beyond the warm air.

Since their website doesn’t provide a menu view………….

The cover

partial page

$16 was the common price

First Place for Value was Oriental Inn’s Toucan Restaurant & Bar. Their rum & coke price was no more than the least expensive (non winner location) but stronger on the rum than O Town.

Diann’s samples of Pinot Gregio were the same quality at all three places.

As planned, we finished our beverages at The Bean to finish up with hot coffee and desert pastries.


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