Cumberland Island beach walk

After touring the Dungeness grounds, we headed to the beach.  It is a 6/10s mile sandy walk just to get to the beach. Much  of the dune area sand is squishy walking.  It was the most remote of all beach walks I’ve ever experienced.  We met a husband ,wife, and their two kids- along the 1.28 miles until the SeaCamp access.  At the SeaCamp access there were maybe eight folks enjoying the booming surf.

The dunes just after a short diversionary board walk.

Nobody in sight! Just the sight and sound of the ocean.

There are more miles of beach. We took advantage of the camp ground access.

Dune access to campground boardwalk

Looking back towards the surf

Salt air pruned and bent oak

At the ramp’s end, there’s a worship / lecture area to the left. A picnic table is to the right of the bike stand.

Friends Lisa and John had given us Heater Meals before we left New Bern last November.  Just add water to the heater-pack and the chemical reaction heats your meal in 12 minutes.  We enjoyed a couple of hot meals before heading back to the ranger station.

You can hear liquid boiling inside the foil pouch of food.

The flavor is better than the view! We sat on the picnic bench for a half hour. It was a good break for tired feet.


We met up with Pat and Lynn who asked us to join them on their boat to talk about our plans to do the boat cruiser’s Great Loop.  But before hand, I sped to see the Ice House Museum.  Diann remained at the ranger station as I added another 1.4 miles to my walk.

To say I slept soundly is an understatement.  From 8:30PM until 10AM this morning, I only awoke to close hatches during a hard rain shower!

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