Disclosures and Waivers

Also jokingly known as Attorney Repellent, the following apply to all who approach or who board Yacht A Fun:

The act of approaching the boat and or boarding the boat- for purposes of inquiring of the crew, or taking part in boat services, charters, day sails, or political comment- is your confirmation that you take full responsibility for your own safety. You further acknowledge that walking on a dock, traveling on a boat, and other aspects of life have certain inherent risks. By approaching the boat, or participating in on board activities, you waive liability of the crew and the boat for all but flagrant willful gross negligence.

On board passengers and guests take responsibility to act prudently and to be responsible for consequential damage to the boat for such actions as stopping up the toilet with paper products.

Guests who become intoxicated to the point of drunkenness will, after being forewarned, be deposited at the nearest public beach or dock. By boarding Yacht A Fun passengers agree that for their own, and other passengers, safety that they may be put off the boat without refund and will bear the cost of getting back to their destination.