M J’s Special of the Day

Cruisers typically look for restaurant venues which are special because of their menu, their view, and/or the “local flavor”. In New Bern, NC one of boater’s favorite locations is M J’s  Raw Bar & Grille on Middle Street.

The location is about three football fields (316 yards) away from the New Bern Grand Marina. A typical wait during peak time on Friday night is about a half hour. If their bar is already too full to work as a staging spot, there’s a wine / beer venue close by. When it’s your time, the staff calls your cell phone.

The facility is modest in size. Steamed seafood is prepared next to the U shaped bar- offering positive entertainment for patrons seated toward that end. Their kitchen is unseen, in the rear of the space.

A sample of items from the menu













Interior acoustics aren’t bad. Table seating is spacious.

Dining alfresco is along the sidewalk of Middle Street. Tables are sized for no more than two people, so it’s intimate.









The web menus have a page area specific to daily specials. Diann and I usually include one of the specials in our fare. For example, Wednesday offers $6.95 for a burger with side item. Friday’ special is Fried Flounder sandwich and side item for $2 off ( which currently equals $7.95 ). There’s beverage specials, too.


After I finished my flounder and fries, I was able to help Diann finish a very good grilled chicken wrap.

Normally I repurpose a bun, lettuce, and tomato into a tomato sandwich. Last night I was too full of the other food to do so.

When off Yacht A Fun, our Gemini catamaran, we enjoy updating ourselves at the numerous local restaurants. As a cruising boater, you too will find New Bern to be worth the side trip between Oriental and Beaufort / Morehead City.


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