Home made Soft Scrub™

Cleaning the gel coat of a Gemini sailing catamaran isn’t too tough a job. It’s just labor intensive.     Particularly intensive if you have a bit of algae forming in shady areas of the hull.    Admittedly, it’s time for a repeat cleaning on Yacht A Fun.

Soft Scrub™ has been my preference for removing deeply adhered areas within grooved walking surfaces.    Dirt and mildew can be particularly hard to remove with just boat soap and a medium bristle brush.

This April I decided to make a batch of my own scrubbing soft paste. My ingredients certainly don’t exactly match the branded Soft Scrub. Key ingredients, that I used, were non- phosphorescent Joy™ and Hospitality™ brand baking soda. Joy makes the concoction soapy. Baking soda makes it mildly gritty.

My process for making the home made Soft Scrub™ began with drinking a 59 ounce container of Simply™ grapefruit juice.    The wide mouth container makes a great one for preparation and later use.  (The juice makes a great Greyhound mixed drink !   LoL)

Batch one had 3 ounces of Joy, followed by a little over a cup of baking soda.    After shaking the mixture a bit, I added 3 ounces of water. Upon hard shaking the mixture was allowed to sit.
It works okay.    But, my next batch will substitute vinegar to research the possible whitening effect.





When the vinegar approach has been used, I’ll update the post.


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