Wind Driven Low Water

Friday afternoon of March 2nd 2018 saw a peak gust of 51MPH at nearby Cherry Point military base.  New Bern doesn’t have a tide- but it does receive high and low water conditions .  The Trent and Neuse Rivers rise and fall based on flooding rains, or wind strength and direction.

New Bern Grand Marina and areas along the walkway and bulkhead revealed a lot of what normal water levels hide.


View of the public docks at Union Point Park


The ramp stops at steps which invite you to wade. Don,t get off the steps !!


Turning back to visit Lawson’s Creek behind Tryon Palace the low water was also impressive.

I’d returned these shells to deep water after the warmer weather oyster roast.   Poured from a bucket, they scattered close.

My favorite image is of the sunken barge.  Having been warned of it’s existence, it was revealing to be able to orient it via specific rail road bridge pilings.

The most humorous artifact was the “stolen dock cart”.  Someone had thrown it over the side.  Water got low enough that the wheel bottom was almost visible.

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