Captain’s Chair Maintenance – April 9th 2016

While waiting for hatch sealant to cure, it seemed appropriate to refinish the Helmsman’s chair for our Gemini sailing catamaran. Bear in mind that it’s a director’s chair bought at Pier One for $79 back in April of 2014. That fall I had applied polyurethane to “seal” the finish.


Chair arms show extent of weathering

Chair arms show extent of weathering






















Salt air and direct sunlight unseals polyurethane, based on the chair’s condition after only 16 months.

Sanding the chair was step one. Step two was removing the seat rest pieces so they could be re-glued and secured with coated deck screws onto the cross-legs. Step three was a coat of Kilz. The final step was a couple of coats of white paint.

The wind was howling on the two days during which I worked intermittently on the project. Paint dries faster on windy days !

Yach A Fun's Captain's Chair is now ready for use.

Yacht A Fun’s Captain’s Chair is now ready for use.

The lesson learned for the director’s chair- wood chairs are cheaper than stainless steel $80 vs. $350 and up). The downside is maintenance, and arguably comfort.

Crate & Barrel has an aluminum stool for $139 which might be a good alternative- if one adds cushions. “We’ll see” what the next maintenance effort suggests.

Aluminum stool might work as alternative to wood ??

Aluminum stool might work as alternative to wood ??

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