Written September 9, 2012

Sept 9, 2012

Iy’s been a hard seven years since my last journal entry………

Lin and Larry Pardey are often quoted as advising, “go small, go simple, go now”. Their advice is excellent. Given how much of our “youth” and money we have lost since the recession began, we “could’a & should’a ”   left in 2006 and we’d have been financially set.

While Diann and I are excited about being able to accelerate exiting from what has become the negative “sunset” of our past careers, we are not however having euphoria. My maturity tells me that this lack of euphoria is a good thing. It means our expectations are being tempered.

In some ways I feel like I did when I left for freshman year at Chapel Hill- glad to leave home, excited about the adventure, and uncertain about what new experiences will present themselves.