Miami Public Transit- Dec 27 2014

A week into our Coconut Grove experience, Diann and I decided to learn the metro system.

Awaiting the rail

Awaiting the rail

It’s quasi intuitive- but user friendly once you know the mantra.

The 249 Loop is only 25 cents. It goes from Douglas rail station to Coconut Grove rail station. We got on going to Douglas and expected to be able to do the whole loop.

Not so! When the bus got to Douglas MetroRail Station all passengers had to get off. Apparently they expect you to ride the rail if you plan to venture to the Coconut Grove MetroRail Station.

We planed to take the rail, anyway, to then transfer to the MetroLoop for a visit to the BaySide entertainment complex. There was no human at the MetroRail Station to assist us however. A Spanish speaking lady saw us in our perplexed mode. She came over and went thru the push button steps to get a card printed by which we could pass thru the gate and board the train. (It must be a new business model- get the customers to provide customer service!)

The system felt safe. Famillies and office worker types were fellow riders. Only two folks were asleep as if dead tired or incapacitated.

The 249 loop bus dropped us off near Fresh Market grocery where Diann and I got deli items for an Indian influenced dinner on our Gemini catamaran.

That day we did have a Yacht A Fun!

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