Listing Property- January 2014

When you have property located in three North Carolina counties, you have to confirm with each that you still own stuff that is there. And if you fail to let them know, by January 31st, that you still have stuff- they add 10% to the year’s tax bill for not letting them know by January 31st.

My guess is that they applaud those who get the 10% add on.

So, what happens if you used to have stuff in a fourth county but no longer have stuff there? I chose to both call the tax office, and send a web site obtained listing form on which I wrote- “we moved last June”. Sometimes it just helps to make sure a zero obligation is confirmed.

By the time I:

* down loaded blank listing forms from four counties and filed out personal and business forms, as they related to each (due to business and personal assets Catawba County got three sets for example);

* had Diann scan copies of the completed forms;

* took the water taxi from our Gemini catamaran

* drove to the Coconut Grove post office and mailed the batch; and

* returned via water taxi to Yacht A Fun

it took five hours!

Many of the administrative tasks on our boat are similar to tasks we would have done on land. Postal mail is one aspect which inherently has time lags due to ones travel.

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