Joaquin Rain, Sunday- Oct 4th 2015

I don’t remember this much sustained rain when Hugo came thru Hickory in September of 1989.

Joaquin rains on Deep Point Marina in Southport NC

Joaquin rains on Deep Point Marina in Southport NC

Given the high humidity, perhaps I shouldn’t have had a late lunch of Progresso Beef Barley soup. The soup warmed me up such that I was sweating though the a/c had cycled off. So, I turned down the a/c thermostat on our Gemini sailing catamaran by 2 degrees and am thankful for the dehumidifying cool!

I’ve had the opportunity to purge some out of date notes, letters, and such. Overall its one of those days during which any number of productive things can be done, or subject to procrastination.

Winds have been gusting to 34MPH. Torrents of rain have come in cycles. The small starboard side port has its first ever drip. It’s called hurricane rain- LoL.  YouTube Video link of Sunday afternoon storm


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