Fernandina Beach Mooring- Dec 7th 2014

Thank goodness for the mooring ball today. There’s zero concern about dragging anchor or having an oyster bed cut an anchor line.

Winds are howling in our rigging, and the water between us and the dinghy dock is quite choppy. We’ve decided to stay put. So I’ve made a clam chowder with: canned Carnation milk; Bumble Bee brand clams; fresh carrots, and celery; a bay leaf; and a chicken bouillon cube.

Yacht A Fun is literally swinging in the breeze. Last checked, it was 16 mph and waves had built to about 16” . Our dinghy has been double tied to the Gemini catamaran.

Yacht A Fun's dingy with two lines of attachment

Yacht A Fun’s dingy with two lines of attachment


This morning, I upgraded our mooring bridal from the half inch lines I used yesterday to newer line which is 5/8”.

mooring line attachment to cleat

mooring line attachment to cleat

bridle to mooring tether

bridle to mooring tether

Another dinghy ride to land can wait until Monday. Stores will be open and hopefully I can get a haircut. ( I’d asked about a cut while at the St. Simon’s marina. The onsite stylist wanted $32. I declined and told her I’d stay shaggy a little longer.)

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