Book Signing for Zoey- April 23rd 2016

The first Book Signing for “Zoey’s Big Boat Trip” was Saturday April 23rd at Southport Trading Company.  Being the 1st  time to hold a book signing, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We left our Gemini catamaran with plenty of time to spare.  Our setup was commented on by one of the store’s staff as being very professional.  Hearing that must have been what gave Zoey enough energy to greet people for six hours.

We were located across from the Maritime Museum

We were located across from the Maritime Museum

Our set up repurposed a number of Yacht A Fun’s items:  her chair is the boat’s Captain’s chair; the table top is a 2’ x 2’ plywood work top; the pair of milk crates normally hold extra rope and cleaning supplies; and the table top vinyl cover is for use in the cockpit when it’s time for alfresco drinks and dining.

Zoey’s signature stamp was created through the use of a finger print type ink-pad.  The original image was scanned and transferred to a round format self inking stamp.


Her signature appears below individual messages for:

Elly;   Mills;   Billie;   Camille;   Caeden

Cooper;   Kale;   Dah (yes there is another grandfather with that name)

Kaley;   Nolan;   and Grady.

My lessons learned, from doing the book signing for “Zoey’s Big Boat Trip”, were many fold.  Most importantly is that making dozens of kids and family members happy was as rewarding as earning enough money for the evening’s beer and pizza.

One little girl walked up to Zoey’s chair and received licks on her nose.  Her giggles and glee will remain in my memory for a very long time.

Numerous adults spoke to, and petted Zoey.  Zoey bonded with a couple of those folks so much that she asked them to hold her.  Too cool !

Zoey pawed the lady's arm as a way to ask her to be held!

Zoey pawed the lady’s arm as a way to ask her to be held!


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  1. Love, love, love this! Yeah Zoey! Looks like you guys are doing well, hope to see you both soon. Still praying for Diann’s mother to return to good health! Love to all, Vickie

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