Beaufort NC update – May 14th 2016

Where to haul one’s boat often has a lot to do with timing.  Yacht A Fun had yielded a not unexpected item- a leaking seal for the drive leg. My “fix” in 2014 had held up fine for a couple of thousand miles.  And there was no oil leak while simply sitting at Southport.  But minor “milkiness” was evident when I inspected the drive leg oil of our Gemini sailing catamaran after the four hour run to Wrightsville Beach.

2 Yacht A Fun leg oil sample

What had been a one-way minor oil ooze had become a water intrusion spot.  Replacing seals in the drive leg was the reason we selected Jarrett Bay marine as our haul out location.  It’s a highly recommended, large, boat yard just out of Beaufort.

After the boat was blocked we saw what our bottom-cleaning-diver had told us about…..a damaged area of the starboard center board.  Our best guess is the damage is from our 5/8” anchor line getting wrapped during a tide change.  (Boards up- always after anchoring from now on.)

1 center board damage

1b sanded center board

The repair is one I was able to handle with thickened epoxy and glass cloth.

While we’re at it, we decided to modify our bridge deck to minimize wave slaps at anchor.  (More to come on this topic.  It’s a big enough project to be a blog post of its own!)

The bicycles are coming in handy.  It is a bike’s ride distance to the Jarrett Bay showers and rest room.  We can park them under the boat.

4 JBM basement

Saturday I wanted to venture to Beaufort to listen to the bands.  How surprised we were to find several.

3 beaufort NC anchorage

After checking out the most value priced locations for dinner, we decided on the Royal James Cafe.  Well, it’s also a pool hall & bar.  Double cheeseburgers are just $3.50.  Top shelf craft beer drafts are $4.   Dinner was filling- and inexpensive!

5 Royal James

6 pool

The band wasn’t the best.  But it wasn’t bad either.

7 Royal band

A walk to Back Street Bar resulted in being asked for A $3 COVER CHARGE FOR THEIR BAND.   We could hear the band- and it wasn’t any better than the Royal James !  Back Street is gentrifying.  It isn’t what it was in 1997- but we aren’t either. LoL

So we crossed over the street to the docks and listened to another free band.  It was getting a bit breezy and cool.

8 Dock Band

Our car was parked back near the wine shop and I knew there was music there too.  So that was where we ended up spending our greatest amount of music time.

9 Baldwin plays

10 john baldwin

Diann enjoyed wine.  I opted for a pair of Grand Marnier cordials.  The second one had a fresh orange crushed for it.  Actually, just the Grand Marnier is better than the blend.  But, maybe sliced orange pieces may be the thing.  Next time…………………..

11 Grand orange

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I met you in Southport on Howe St. You were helping Zoey steel her book. I’m a member of PYC. At that time you guys were coming back to PYC for the commissioning next weekend. Is that still part of your plans? Hope to see you there.

    Waine and Kate

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