On to Charleston SC

We left Wrightsville Beach and went to Deep Point Marina in Southport.  Friends Dick and Nancy are live aboards there.  Dick was gracious enough to loan us his SUV for a grocery, fuel, and propane run.  On Tuesday we headed to Myrtle Beach.

Calabash, SC is known primarily for its sea food restaurants. Boaters know calabash Creek as a good anchorage just off the ICW.  The holding is good.

On Wednesday we ventured from Calabash Creek to stay in the Wacca Wache area, which is north of Georgetown. The recent hurricanes must have washed out silt in the creeks of that area.  Butler Creek’s depths were at least 10 feet more than charted.  Recent rains had caused ebb flow current to be far too strong to consider anchoring in Bull Creek.  We ended up in little Cow House Creek across from the closed Wacca Wache Marina.  We set two anchors.  Unfortunately we lost our standard length boat pole in the effort to retrieve the stern anchor’s marker float.

Early on Thursday we made Georgetown.  There I confirmed that water coming into the engine’s bilge was not coolant hose related, but rather a failed caulk-seal for the reverse lockout cable.  We fueled up, pumped out, and had long hot showers in their clean facility.

Friday night we anchored in our favorite spot near McClellanville, SC.  Awendaw Creek has zero wind protection.  But, swing room is wide- which allows a lot of rode for sufficient scope.  Sunset and sunrise are awesome if the sky is only partially cloudy.

Saturday we entered Charleston Harbor for the crossing to Ashley Marina.  We had rain and fog.  Diann drove YachtaFun as I went to the bow to ready dock lines for the marina tie up.  My right foot’s heel snagged the lower lifeline as I returned to the stern.  The loop on the back of that foot’s Keen brand of sandle was pulled down and as I lifted my foot, the Keen went overboard.

For those of you having Keens as boat shoes- use a small line and make a strap to insert through the loop. Tie the line around your ankle.  Darn, I hate spending $90 on a new pair when 10 cents worth of line would have prevented the loss.   

Taking advantage of the marina’s courtesy van, we first went to the Ace hardware at the historic area near Charleston’s market. From there we walked the market area to sample beer and scout out restaurants.  Charleston’s restaurant scene is wonderfully varied. But, many are expensive.

Hyman’s restaurant is a great value.  It isn’t as upscale as “Magnolia’s” or “Slightly North of Broad” – but the service is excellent, the food consistently prepared, and prices are well  below those having $45 rib eyes!  Of note, tables have brass name plates to recognize significant diners. We weren’t seated at the John McCain table.

Boiled Peanuts went with my beer, before dinner

The story / blog of Yacht a Fun, a Gemini catamaran sailboat, traveling the ICW and east coast with insights to the extended cruising life.  Charleston SC and Hyman’s restaurant

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  1. Good to read you all are safe, sound and secured! May it be so the rest of the way.

    I am moving Sequoyah from the Grand for several reasons. Should sail on Monday the 31st. Will fill you in next time we talk.

    Kathy and Bern send their love.

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