Salty Sailors


Set up specifically for adventuresome folks who are part of the “over 50″ crowd, the Salty Sailors program focuses on the adventure of catamaran travel vs. whirlwind “up all night” parties.

Typical guests are a couple who want an extended number of days on which to enjoy a relaxed “take it as it comes” experience. In that mode, if it pours down rain, they may sleep late, read a book, or put on rain gear and dingy to shore for a sight-seeing adventure.

Planning the next stop is also part of the joy of being on board. Based on weather, the Captain and Guests plan what the itinerary will be, and adjust as desires change.

Salty Sailor charters can be tailored from all-inclusive to Dutch Treat formats. Length of charters are flexible to match Guests and the boat’s current calendar obligations.