Marine Eye Splice- Yacht A Fun

My goals included being able to reach a level of proficiency for marine eye splice work that I could be confident of offering the service to others.

Here on Yacht A Fun, our Gemini catamaran, the study and practice have paid off. Being one to add strength to a project vs. being cheap- I add tucks / turns to my eye splices. Around the various marinas, I’ve seen as few as three tuck/turns on dock line eyes and as few as four tuck / turns for anchor thimble loops!

If I’m to risk the safety of a boat while using eye splices I’ve formed- I want a few extra tucks in place. It’s the friction of the tucks being buried into and held by the three strand line which prevents the loop from failing. My personal standard is seven tucks for a dock line and nine for an anchor line. Overkill? Why not?

Tri-Splice is my term for combining tucks, whipping, and shrink tube (or similar chafe protection).

Forming a “back splice” made a neat example of a ‘handle” for the end of a line.



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