Zoey’s Big Boat Trip- a Pomeranian’s catamaran story

Zoey the girl dog has just published her first book !

While traveling on board the family’s Gemini sailing catamaran, Pomeranian girl dog, Zoey, collected her thoughts into a children’s book about living and traveling on a boat. Quite the girl dog, she is even pottie trained for using carpet when the boat is at anchor!

Zoey's boat trip story is focused on preschool children

Zoey’s boat trip story is focused on preschool children

Her story begins………..
“Hi ! I’m Zoey. I’m a Pomeranian girl dog, and I’m about to tell you the story of how my family and I took a year long trip on our catamaran sailboat named Yacht A Fun.”

“My doggie toes are too small to type on Dah’s laptop to write this story. So, I had Dah do the typing for me.”

She tells her story about traveling the Intracoastal Waterway on board her family’s 34 feet long Gemini sailing catamaran. Grandparents will particularly enjoy reading the story to their pre-school grandkids.

Fifty two images cover aspects of boat travel and activities on shore. Though intended to primarily be read for entertainment, images and the story line can be used to create educational opportunities. Zoey mentions, for example, the need for life jackets- even for dogs.

Two sentence structures have been employed to make it easy for a reader to adapt the story to fit the listener’s level of comprehension- and attention span. Large black fonts are used for the words of the main story. Standard blue fonts are used for the “filler words” which expand the sentences.

Copies can be ordered through Amazon or via CreateSpace.






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