Temporary Enclosure

It had been so cold during our 2014 trip south that Diann began an enclosure system.  I created a template for use in creating the bends necessary for the supporting tube frame. The tube parts were acquired from Sailrite.

lots of duct tape

A six feet long carpenter’s level and a drywall framing square were used to determine intersecting horizontal and vertical measurements.  The tubes were professionally bent using those measurements.

Note the right angle created by the two tools and the curve determined via 10″ radius of the bends

I know that the duct tape residue will be a beast to remove when we get to Florida but the temporary enclosure of 4 mil plastic has already been a blessing.

Starboard front view
side view
Port side rear viw
88 within the enclosure’s solar gain – mid 40s outside

Did we eat well before leaving?

Yes.  BJ’s sea food market was the source of heads-on shrimp, clams, and red snapper.

All with another New Bern Sunset

It was simpler to walk to Prohibition’s restaurant for take-out fries than to cook them ourselves.  For $2, it was a value.  Diann watched over the cooking as I made the 10 minute round trip walk. After dinner and sunset, it was time for desert.

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