Mildew- Dec 28th 2014

Yes, I knew that even a Gemini catamaran could have mildew. But I honestly thought it would be minimized by living on board while cruising. Hatches are openned for air flow. Clothes are both in lockers with sliding doors, and on hangers in closets without doors.

The smell of mildew had gotten a bit strong in our master berth. So, I improvised a wide hanger support of rope while Diann and I went to the 33rd annual Mango Strut parade.

My dress shirts (2), and collared short sleeve shirts had a musty odor, but no visible mildew. However, my Navy Blue wool sport coat may be mildew damaged beyond what a dry cleaning will remove.

Wool coat with extreme mildew

Wool coat with extreme mildew

Unbelievable. The coat has been on board for a number of months. It must be the continuous warmth we have experienced, from Vero Beach to Coconut Grove, which has allowed the mildew to advance on that coat so fast.

The mildew issue is in the same league of “who’d a thunk it” as the amount of condensation we experienced when the cold snap followed us from the Carolinas thru Georgia.

Needless to say, we are re-evaluating clothing storage in spit of the spaciousness of Yacht A Fun.

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