Gemini catamaran a/c vent tweak

Our Gemini catamaran’s a/c unit projected its cool air directly against the port side saloon seat.   The cold could be annoying, at times.   Additionally, that direction of air flow did nothing to eliminate the hot air which accumulated in the roof area between the upper window and rear saloon wall.

Owners on another Gemini had used a flexible cutting board to channel the air horizontally to starboard and port.   However, that solution created an air circle on the starboard side as the inflow grate sucked it in.

vent loop made from poster board, foam sheets, and duct tape

vent loop made from poster board, foam sheets, and with duct tape as edging

Our solution was to fabricate so that the addition vents up and down.   By loosening the metal grate’s screws we were able to slide the duct director under the frame and retighten the screws.   The hot spot in the ceiling is now gone and our overall interior temp was not negatively affected.

A small boat tweak, for sure.   But three bucks for parts from the hobby store is a cheap boat fix.

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