Tamarind Soup on our Gemini Catamaran

With the coming ice pellets and snow forecast for winter storm Helena, I became inspired to cook a Tamarind soup.  Diann and I had been to a new Asian food store in New Bern while off of our catamaran Yacht A Fun. Actually I was browsing for curry powder when I came upon packets of Knorr brand soup mix.  Canadian soup mix in an Asian store- it had to be good!

The soup mix has 5 heaping teaspoons of power- which is easy to halve for a 4 cup pot of Tamarind soup


To the basic broth I added:

Red bell pepper;

Brown mushrooms; and

Sautéed sliced chicken.

Upon serving we added fresh squeezed lime juice.


Honestly, I’ve never had a better Asian soup- even at a Thai restaurant.

For our next pot of Tamarind soup, I’ll use shrimp.


Cooking on a Gemini catamaran is still as fun as it was when we started our adventure.

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