Written Sept 30th 2012

Clothing sort and prioritization as we downsize to a smaller residence before it’s boat time.

Taking down the yacht club Fleet Committee caps wasn’t traumatic. It was kinda cool in the sense that they packed well in the same small box as the PYC Burgees. They’ll make good décor in the house we return to- and will make good heirlooms for the Grandkids.

Tossing the multiple work clothes is really an easy task. My frugality has had me keep past khaki pants and button down collared shirts that became too worn to use for office work. Too many!   When the purge is over, I’ll have at most, two of each.

My favorite boat shirts have thread bare sleeves. I wonder how much the cleaners will charge to re- hem the sleeve ends so I can keep wearing them !?

Having stored dress jackets and slacks since 2007, I was reminded of clothing I haven’t used for a very long time. As an executive in the manufactured housing industry in the ‘80s and 90’s, “dry clean only” was the norm. Real estate property management, and a more relaxed dress code in our area of North Carolina, caused me to shift to khakis and button down shirts with no tie. Putting those clothes in the Goodwill stack was a bit like saying good bye to old friends. BUT I’LL NEVER wear them again, even though they do still fit.

One hanging box I’ll keep. That box will provide my Grandboys some of Dah’s ( my nick name by them) clothes. My collection of neck ties will be boxed, too.

Gaining a boating perspective on clothes is for me a transition.   All I read says even one sports coat on a sailing catamaran is a rarity. We’ll see. I’m counting on a butane iron as a departure gift.


Thursday I was confirmed to have Pulmonary Hypertension. Untreated, the life expectancy before heat failure is three years. I’m half way there, unless my Warfarin regimen is considered treatment.   Still the prognosis does not include indefinite life to aged 90. An appointment to see a cardiologist is being made.   In the background of my thoughts is – “go now, go simple, but go soon”!

Evening with Mark-  I Sat on the pier with Mark and knew it would be one of the last opportunities to enjoy the end of a day talking about the Lake Lookout’s wildlife. While we were discussing eagles and muskrats, a flapping of breaking water began about 400 yard out. Bait fish were breaking the water to try and escape bass. Such has been the view and atmosphere here.