Written October 31st 2005

October 31st 2005   The Jeanneau trip in April was good. The week long Gemini catamaran tripin May even better. The aftermath was the unveiling of Boating Travel Guide.com

July was a fruitful one. We were given the opportunity to acquire a lot on Lake Lookout- which has changed and sped up our plans. Previously in the mode of renting out the townhouse and planning to retire here, we now are working on the design for building a garage / apartment as the first installment of a two bedroom two bath 2,000 square feet house.

Initially our Gemini catamaran will be berthed at the end of our (to be repaired) existing dock. The master bedroom over the garage will be an oasis when weather becomes too inclement.

By minimizing our lake house cost and selling the town home, we should be much closer to being able to do some serious traveling.

As usual, Diann is in class tonight. If she were not, I wouldn’t be taking time to work on this story!.

Emotionally we are both happy to be working on our journey. Diann seems more excited about the lake house than I am- but she wants a yard. Having a tree swing, picnic shelter, outdoor fire pit, dock, boats, and a house will add a bit to our entertainment options for sure!