Written November 13, 2004

Saturday Nov 13th 9:15 AM

I’ve dropped off some painting supplies for a friend to use in painting the doors of the investment office duplex Diann and I bought, rezoned from residential, and are now getting ready to rent. Thursday I managed to juggle commercial real estate brokerage activity, sheet rock repair, showing a house in Maiden (which I am returning to this morning hopefully obtaining an offer), and general office administrative work. I changed into and out of painting clothes twice. In the process of the Maiden trip, I picked up the Jimmy Buffet four album set.

Playing the Buffet music while working in the duplex helps me acknowledge that I’m working my way to the coast! That’s the thought anyway.

However, the afore mentioned Maiden closing has missed three times and I’m almost confident that it will not happen. That $4,800 gets closer to evaporating with each postponement. As Richard Prior often said in his comedy routine, “how long….how long.. can this buuul shit go on?.

Mom’s birthday was yesterday so I took her out to dinner and then to Giovanni’s for an after dinner drink. The owner befriended us at the bar and related that she has had to borrow money over the past 3 years to keep the place open. Yes, 9-11 affected almost everyone in Hickory, and has resulted in hardship and disappointment all around. It is in this context that Diann and I persevere in trying to get prepared to cruise.