Palm Beach /Lake Worth – Dec 18th 2014

Today, our Gemini catamaran, “Yacht A Fun”, cruised the ICW from Jensen Beach to the anchorage in front of the Old Key Lime Tiki Bar at the Latana Bascule Bridge.  Thirteen bridges !

Double Bascule Bridge.  Some operators were happy and helpful.

Double Bascule Bridge. Some operators were happy and helpful.

The most exciting event of the travel was seeing the Palm Beach houses and boats.

Wrap your boat for repairs… 1218 boat wrap

I was not prepared for the amount of industrial / boating activity in the Lake Worth inlet area. Unbelievable, until you see it for yourself.

The number of boats anchored near the inlet was beyond anything I expected. Hundreds! Many are waiting for a window to head offshore.

We were into max travel mode today and so awoke at 6AM and departed the anchorage just after 7. Fuel consumption was low, however, as we had so many bridges to wait on at idle. Many miles were traveled at slow speed to match the bridge opening to the time / distance involved.

Some bridges opened on request. Others opened at the top and bottom of the hour. Corresponding bridges opened at :15 and :45. One that was to open at :45 reported that “no, due to repairs we only open on the :15hour” . That bridge cost us over a half hour of wait time.

The anchorage at Latana is good. We had some ICW wakes rock us, but the location and depths are good. There’s a Tiki Bar at the anchorage..

Old Key Lime Tiki Bar

Old Key Lime Tiki Bar

The Latana Bridge …If we didn’t have left over grilled chicken we’d probably have dinghy’d to the tiki bar for burgers.

Latana Anchorage Sunset

Latana Anchorage Sunset

1218 Latana sunset

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